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With two critically acclaimed albums, high profile collaborations and countless tours under his belt, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jed Parsons has now found himself distracted by a new path; this time following the dazzling lights of children’s music.


The street credibility of his indie profile remains intact however, as he cleverly hides behind his alter-ego Jeff Parsnips - a link he is sure nobody will make.

Besides his own children, Parsnips finds inspiration from children’s story and songwriters along the lines of Spike Milligan, Anika Moa, Raffi, Don McGlashan and Harry Sinclair (Kiri & Lou).

Parsnips released his debut single Tomato Tamati to much delight on October 20th, 2023. The song is a celebration of the lighter parts of kiwiana, with Parsnips’ thick kiwi accent narrating the culinary journey of Tomato Tamati; a boy who loves tomato sauce so much he will put it on anything from Weetbix to icecream.

Parsnips’ creator Jed Parsons has become known for his accomplishments in the indie music scene, gracing stages such as Auckland City Limits and Electric Avenue, as well as selling out his own headline shows up and down the country. His debut album Midnight Feast was a finalist for the IMNZ Best Debut Release Award in its year of release. His presence and accolades as a “serious” singer / songwriter add to the depths of his new persona’s silly disposition, and the light-heartedness will feel familiar to fans of his previous work and shows.

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Suitable: For ages two to ten, all welcome including siblings, caregivers and silly sausages of all ages.

Please note: Children and their property are the responsibility of accompanying adults, caregivers are to remain onsite at all times. 


Where: The James Cumming Community Centre, 29 Bowler Avenue


When: Monday 27 May 2024, 10am - 10.45am


Cost: FREE

REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Numbers will be capped in order of registration.



More information:

Contact: Annabel 

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